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Carmen Mathis


The Carmen Mathis Show is a half-hour variety show broadcast through Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN*) in New York City and airs bi-weekly (every other Friday) at 8:00 PM. 


Talented artists who live in New York and the surrounding area, perform and are interviewed by the host and producer, Carmen Mathis.  To date, singers, actors, acting troupes, playwright-actors, dancers, poets, spoken-word artists, solo musicians and bands, book authors and a magician—ranging in age from 8 to 80—have appeared in over 125 shows!!  


Ms. Mathis says, “I started this platform for artists who might not have a chance to be seen on television, anywhere.  I’m thrilled to say that more seasoned artists and celebrities are appearing on the show and I’m just as happy!


Welcome to ...

*MNN is a public access, non-commercial cable television station with four cable channels in Manhattan on Time Warner (Ch. 56), RCN (Ch. 84) and Verizon FiOS (Ch. 34).  The Carmen Mathis Show streams live at, Channel 2 every other Friday at 8:00 PM.

"My experience on The Carmen Mathis Show was so great! Everybody was so warm and welcoming. It was just a brilliant experience! She is a great interviewer!"

Tina Jetter

Appear on The Carmen Mathis Show!!


If you are, or someone you know is interested in appearing on The Carmen Mathis Show, email us at  Remember to include a link showing you or the person performing.  This can be via YouTube or Vevo.


Looking forward to hearing from you real soon!


I want to say thank you to Ms. Carmen Mathis for the hospitality of herself and her crew. She greeted me with a warm hug and a beautiful smile! That made me feel so much at home when I began to perform. Ms. Mathis exudes class and professionalism. She can always call on me to come back to her so anytime!


The CARMEN MATHIS show is a great platform for both budding and established artists to display their talents to a broader audience.  The show makes it possible for artists to gain new fans from it's viewership who may have never otherwise been exposed to them.  The staff and the show's host & name-sake, Ms. Carmen Mathis, are personable and accommodating; helping the artist to get the most out of the production.  Thank you to The CARMEN MATHIS show for your heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of the artists whom are blessed enough to grace your set.

Inaya Day / President of Ny-O-Dae Music

I truly enjoyed being on the Carmen Mathis Show and hope to return soon. Thank you Carmen.

STURK (James Sturkey)

Carmen is the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet.  She is wonderful for giving artists a platform to perform and promote themselves.  I had a great time performing and talking with her.  She is funny, warm and loving.  I definitely want to come back.

Nat Lopez

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